Corrosion Intercept® folie - 100 µm dik

€ 12,40 € 9,40

De folie is op rol 150 cm breed en 100 µm dik.
De prijs is per meter.

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Specifieke informatie over de eigenschappen van de folie:

“Developed by Lucent Technologies Bell Labs Distributed by Conservation by Design Limited CORROSION INTERCEPT® is a revolutionary, patented technology which uses semi-conductor technology to transform plastic into a protective reactive barrier against corrosive gases, fungus and bacteria. It is comprised of highly reactive copper particles bonded into a polymer matrix. This matrix film forms a preferential corrosion site that reacts and neutralises all corrosive gases that pass through or come in contact with the film. It is statistically improbable that they can migrate through the INTERCEPT film without contacting and reacting with one of the active corrosion sites.

CORROSION INTERCEPT® provides a unique and effective protection for copper, silver, brass. bronze, ferrous and non ferrous metals. It has also been successfully used to protect CD’s, photographic prints, film, textiles, paintings, books and other works of art on paper. This inert material does not give off any harmful gases and is unaffected by moisture, humidity or temperature and it has a built in saturation indicator. When the copper colour turns it is time to change the Intercept. The protection against corrosion is approximately 10 years per 0.025mm thickness of INTERCEPT.”